• Craig, I can't thank you enough for finding me the exact piece of income property I was looking for. You were awesome to work with and you followed up with every detail, until the transaction was complete. I look forward to doing business with you in the future and highly recommend anyone looking for investment property to use you and your team. Thank you so much!!

    Bruce ReichardCo-Founder, Santa Barbara Habit Burger Grill Restaurants
  • This was an amazing success! We appreciate all of the support from everyone involved. Thank you for making it an easy and pleasant transaction. Craig, you run a tight ship - very impressive. It's first class all the way.

    Mr. & Mrs. Elkin
  • I absolutely love working with you! Your "machine" that is sourcing deals is phenomenal.

  • Thank you for the smoothest exchange on record! All due to the "A-Team". We really appreciate all your efforts... Thank you SO MUCH.

    Jim and Usha
  • You and your staff are the best in the business, and we appreciate your professionalism.

    Russ MerrickEA
  • Many thanks to Craig Lieberman on his advice on an apartment project we had. Following his advice has made me a lot of money and made a big difference in my retirement income. Thanks again for all your hard work and sound advice.

    Glen Rotella
  • Craig Lieberman is an astute commercial real estate broker, who specializes in 1031 exchanges. We have been involved in buying and selling commercial properties for over 50 years. We have also done 1031 exchanges in the past. We just completed a 1031 this year, which could have been extremely difficult, but Craig worked diligently to eliminate the problems and create a very smooth transition. Not only did he make the exchange work, he is now managing the property. He is fantastic as a property manager, and is on top of anything that arises in that capacity! We will continue to work with Craig, and would consider buying/ selling with him again!!

    Harriet & Harold FriedmanInvestors
  • As a licensed broker, attorney and commercial property owner, I am pretty well versed in real estate. However, when it came to my own 1031 transaction, I needed some solid representation and wanted to work with someone who really had a handle on 1031 exchanges - who knew more than I did! I chose Craig not only because of his vast knowledge about commercial real estate on the central coast and his command of the apartment market, but because of his proven experience closing 1031 exchanges. Craig took the mystery out of my considerations, and helped me analyze and narrow down my purchase. He is straightforward, intelligent, detailoriented and offered superb service.

    Melissa Visconti Moreno
  • Craig is the "Go To Guy" for all of your real estate needs! We have been working with Craig for quite some time now. In this tough market, Craig has helped us navigate through some difficult deals and prevented us from making some real estate investment decisions that would not have been beneficial to our overall financial picture. Of all the commercial brokers we have dealt with, Craig is leaps and bounds better--always going the extra mile for us!

    Scott & Donna Oshatz
  • I have known Craig Lieberman for several years and a few months ago my wife and I agreed to list our investment property with the Apartment Investment Specialists. Not long after listing a number of offers were presented. The Apartment Investment Specialists worked to get me the best possible price for my property. During the escrow period there were many details to be handled. During this period I worked and interacted with Craig and with his team. I really can't say enough about how well I was treated by all members of the AIS team. They are patient, knowledgeable professionals, and I never felt rushed or pressured. My lasting impression is that Craig Lieberman is the man for the job and I gladly recommend him and his team.

    Pete Gucciardo
  • To Whom It May Concern: I was initially impressed with Craig Lieberman’s enthusiasm, persistence (for a good and logical cause), communication skills and professional demeanor when I hired him to list my apartment building several years ago. During the nearly 15 years I have known Craig, he has consistently demonstrated all of these qualities and much more. I trust him wholeheartedly with my investments. He is a very ethical, professional, and straightforward man. Craig and his team of professionals at The Apartment Investment Specialists are reliable, dedicated, and eternally upbeat. They are very organized and diligent, not to mention very technologically strong, an important skill-set in today’s ever changing real estate market. Craig has my highest recommendation, and I am happy to furnish more details about my experience in working with him. Sincerely,

    Richard AxilrodSeasoned Real Estate Investor
  • The Apartment Investment Specialists are a formidable team of commercial brokers with a well-honed specialty in multi-family property. They came to bat for an exchange client with extremely difficult replacement property parameters and it was like watching a magician pull a rabbit out of a hat. They simply would not give up. Every time there was a stumbling block they doggedly found creative solutions. I was extremely impressed and grateful to this hard-working duo for accomplishing the impossible.

    Judy EgenolfAmherst Exchange Corporation – Santa Barbara, CA
  • Craig Lieberman, by far, is the most experienced and knowledgeable commercial real estate broker that I have ever worked with. I was completely impressed with him and his unwavering focus on the apartment sector. Not only does he "talk the talk", but he also "walks the walk" as an owner himself. His knowledge in the apartment sector is clearly demonstrated in his semi-annual apartment sector market report that is published in the Ventura County Economic and Real Estate Forecast compiled by Mark Schniepp, PhD. He is a truly recognized industry expert. Not only does he have a keen understanding of commercial real estate fundamentals; he also has unbelievable business acumen. Being in business for himself since his early 20's, he has acquired the skill set to "do what it takes" to get deals done! While I was in business with him, I was thoroughly impressed with his persistence and perseverance during a challenging 1031 exchange situation that he led in putting together. This monumental exchange led to our recognition by the Santa Barbara Association of Realtors in awarding us the 2011 Jack Kelly 1031 Exchange of the Year Award. Truth is he was the creative engine behind structuring such a financially-sound deal that helped preserve the investor's capital from taxation. I would highly recommend Craig Lieberman for any of your apartment investment needs; whether it is brokerage, property management, or consulting services. He is a high-energy, passionate, and extremely talented real estate professional. Given his conviction, he will go the extra mile in delivering highly favorable results. His personality is one that you learn to love and he is the type of person that you want on your side. Knowing what I know about Craig I can say with great confidence that he is determined to service his clients well by paying close attention to details!

    Pedro VazquezChief Real Estate Analyst, Menchies Frozen Yogurt
  • I met Craig in 2001 and I was looking at houses in Summerland. We bumped into each other at an open house. I had sold a rental property in Pebble Beach and was looking for something closer to L.A. Lieberman was able to offer sound guidance that created an enduring business relationship. He educated me on investment properties and helped me learn about commercial investments and multiple-unit investments. For the past 7-8 years we’ve done quite a bit of business.

    Tamara C.Investor Client
  • These guys are busting their chops to find something for me and to make a deal. They are bending over backward to meet my objectives and goals.

    Rai R.Investor Client
  • Craig Lieberman is an exceptional individual and has a real sense about the current investment opportunities in the real estate market. I have had the privilege to work with Craig on recent transactions and he has performed well above and beyond all of our expectations. He is very professional, detail oriented, communicates incredibly well, and strives to provide exceptional service that goes above and beyond. I highly recommend Craig Lieberman most of all because of how great he is with his clients!

    Fane J. Real Estate Syndicator