A.I.S. Property Management Services, the central coasts’ leading commercial real estate property management organization, is acutely aware that finding an honest, hardworking property management company is like looking for a needle in a haystack. We work very hard to provide you the most comprehensive and responsible property management services, tailored to fit your individual requirements. Our goal is to make owning investment properties hassle free and financially rewarding.
We believe in being completely accountable for all aspects of the effective management of your commercial properties. When A.I.S. Property Management Services is responsible for managing your investment properties, exceeding your expectations is the only result we accept.

Baseline Property Management Services Focus

  • Achieving the lowest vacancy rate possible.
  • Establishing rental & rates schedules that will consistently return the highest yields.
  • Creating, implementing and supervising maintenance and repair schedules to minimize costs.
  • Developing customized tenant/owner relations policies for each property.
  • Maintaining all necessary and appropriate operating records and making regular owners reports.
  • Thoroughly investigating and qualifying each prospective tenant’s financial/credit and rental histories, and preparing and executing thorough rental agreements and/or lease terms.
  • Auditing and paying bills.
  • Advertising and publicizing vacancies through various resources.
  • Recommending alterations and modernization as the market dictates.
  • Being knowledgeable and complying with all applicable federal, state and local laws.

All this and more is performed with the primary goal of maintaining the property to its optimum operating and capital appreciation potential. This keeps costs to a minimum by staying one step ahead of current, competitive market conditions.

We will customize any program to meet your needs and those of your properties. All of our third party services partners have been carefully pre-screened based on their trade experience, capabilities, and overall costs.

Maximizing your operating profit is the only thing that makes us happy!

For the most comprehensive, hands-on and responsible property management service available, contact us today.