The Apartment Investment Specialists™ team is committed to providing the highest level of representation to their clients and maintains an excellent track record of property transactions. With over 35+ years of combined know-how on their brokerage staff, the The Apartment Investment Specialists™ team offers the experience that is critical to your real estate transactions. They provide clients with in-depth knowledge of the ever-changing real estate market so that effective, well-informed decisions are the only possible result. The experienced team draws from a wealth of internal and commercial resources to aggressively market properties and pursue appropriate real estate investment opportunities for clients. Whatever the need, The Apartment Investment Specialists™ furnish their clients with unsurpassed, market awareness and research-driven brokerage services – for purchasing, selling or creative exchanging of investment-grade commercial properties.

Listing and Marketing Services for Sellers

As a seller, they understand the importance of choosing the right agent to ensure you receive the highest possible level of service, and get the price for your property that it deserves, with minimal “hiccups.” The Apartment Investment Specialists™ offers the knowledge and expertise, and will work with you at every level required to reach your goal.

Key Services Offered to Sellers

They offer more than just facilitating the sale through the listing and escrow periods. They will help you understand market conditions, property values, real estate, tax laws, and other factors that can influence your decision-making calculus. They’ll offer professional real estate counseling and confidence through all the stages of the marketing, and sales activity. They will:

  • Analyze the property as well as current local, and regional market trends to determine the optimum market price potential of the property to be sold.
  • Determine if there are capital improvements that could be made to substantially increase value in the market.
  • Perform a rental analysis to determine the level and sustainability of market rents, market occupancy rates, and other factors that often lead to higher valuations.
  • Skilled negotiation and attention to detail through the offer/counter-offer stages, and through close of escrow.
  • Assistance and follow up with tenants during the inspection period.
  • Thorough follow-through during escrow process.
  • Valuable tax-deferred exchange knowledge that could save you significant tax liability on any transaction.
  • Offer clients long term partnership oriented services with a consistent source of knowledge available long after the transaction has been completed. Work with us once, and become a partner for life!

Mailers That Reach A Wide Market

If you have us list your multifamily property for sale, we will place your property on our mailers which reach 13,000 other property owners-the most prolific buyer group.

Listing and Marketing Services for Investors

As a buyer and investor in commercial real estate, Apartment Investment Specialists understands the importance of choosing the right agent to ensure you receive the best information, advice, and representation throughout the search, identification, and acquisition of your perfect investment opportunity. So often the best fit nets up to a combination of personality, core values, reputation, and skill. This team offers the knowledge and expertise combined with personality required to help you attain your investment goals and to help you build your net worth for a secure retirement.

Key Services Offered to Sellers

They facilitate more than just the search and purchase through the listing and escrow periods. Apartment Investment Specialists strive to help you better understand market conditions, property values, real estate, tax laws, and other factors that can affect your decision-making process. They offer professional real estate investment and counseling services so you are confident in your investment choices. They will lead you through the entire process no matter what stage you are in. They offer:

  • Assistance in determining the appropriate commercial real estate investment strategy, vehicles to meet your short and long-term revenue, and net worth building goals.
  • Determination of the investor’s ideal profile for commercial investing including optimum size, location, operating results, capital appreciation potential, and price ranges of the target investment property.
  • In-depth knowledge and background information sourcing regarding the desired investment which is based upon more than 35 years of experience and up-to-the-minute research and trend analysis.
  • Extensive target profile property research using all available market resources to find the options that best suit the needs of our clients.
  • Educating their clients in the range of available analysis, operating management tools, and techniques for “screening” and validating prospective investment opportunities.
  • Negotiate actively and in good faith on behalf of thier clients to secure the best deal possible for each investment transaction.
  • Assist in determining and securing the most optimal financing terms for each investment.
  • Alternative property acquisition and transfer tax deferment strategy information (including 1031 tax-deferred exchange options).